Literally, Will is a little obese yet or else healthy. He is high with reasonable skin, ginger hair and also blue eyes.

Will Certainly Hector Ramsbottom is a 53-year-old blog writer that delights in hockey, severe ironing and also tiddlywinks. He is mild and also lovable, yet can additionally be extremely disloyal and also a little bit boring.

He matured in a functioning course area. He was increased by his mom, his papa having actually left when he was young.

He is presently solitary. His newest love was with an electrical contractor called Ruben David O’Reilly, that was 18 years older than him. They separated due to the fact that Ruben desired someone a lot more intellectual.

Will’s buddy is a blog writer called Jan Macdonald. They are indivisible. He additionally accompanies Karl Morrison as well as Simon Perez. They delight in contributing blood with each other.

He is Danish that specifies himself as pansexual. He has a post-graduate level in literary works. He dislikes insects. He has a serious fear of serpents